AG Travel Collage

Outside of work, I’m passionate about traveling the world, having new experiences, and broadening my perspective. I have a long, ambitious list of places that I want to try and visit in my lifetime, so I decided to start tracking where I’ve been and where I’d like to go in the future.

The places I’ve listed out below are grouped by geographical belonging, not cultural significance (for example, Russia being listed under Asia and not Europe). Additionally, I do not count laying over in an airport as having visited a destination. I only mark a country or state as having been visited when I actually set foot in it and do something.

In putting together trip itineraries over the years, I’ve used all kind of travel tools. This article nicely groups these together while also summarizing the primary value proposition of each.

The time of year matters when planning travel. This article offers heat maps indicating high, low, and shoulder seasons for every country in the world.

World Stats

Countries/Territories Visited: 25
Continents Visited: 5
Percent of World: ~12.82%

North America

 Bahamas    Canada    Cayman Islands    Haiti    Jamaica    Mexico    United States  

 Aruba    Costa Rica  

South America


 Argentina    Brazil    Chile  


 France    Holy See (Vatican City)    Ireland    Italy    Monaco    Spain    United Kingdom  

 Austria    Belgium    Croatia    Czech Republic    Denmark    Germany    Gibraltar    Greece    Iceland    Netherlands    Norway    Poland    Portugal    Sweden  


 South Africa  

 Botswana    Egypt    Morocco  




 Cambodia    Hong Kong    Japan    Israel    Malaysia    Palestine    Thailand    United Arab Emirates    Vietnam  

 China    Maldives    Nepal    Russia  


 Australia    New Zealand  

US Stats

States Visited: 35
Percent of US: 70%

 Alabama    Alaska    Arizona    Arkansas    California    Colorado    Connecticut    Delaware    Florida    Georgia    Hawaii    Idaho    Illinois    Indiana    Iowa    Kansas    Kentucky    Louisiana    Maine    Maryland    Massachusetts    Michigan    Minnesota    Mississippi    Missouri    Montana    Nebraska    Nevada    New Hampshire    New Jersey    New Mexico    New York    North Carolina    North Dakota    Ohio    Oklahoma    Oregon    Pennsylvania    Rhode Island    South Carolina    South Dakota    Tennessee    Texas    Utah    Vermont    Virginia    Washington    West Virginia    Wisconsin    Wyoming