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DOM Pig Game

DOM Pig Game
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Part of the Complete JavaScript Course I completed, this project put JavaScript concepts from the section on DOM manipulation and events into practice.



Change the game to follow these rules:

  1. A player loses his ENTIRE score when he rolls two 6 in a row. After that, it’s the next player’s turn. (Hint: Always save the previous dice roll in a separate variable)
  2. Add an input field to the HTML where players can set the winning score, so that they can change the predefined score of 100. (Hint: you can read that value with the .value property in JavaScript. This is a good oportunity to use google to figure this out :)
  3. Add another dice to the game, so that there are two dices now. The player loses his current score when one of them is a 1. (Hint: you will need CSS to position the second dice, so take a look at the CSS code for the first one.)

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