TL;DR – Senior data engineer building backend systems that help industry-leading brands make smarter marketing/advertising decisions. Also a world traveler.

My career has been tied closely to the convergence of marketing and technology (martech) and the ever-increasing reliance on data at the heart of it all. With huge amounts of data being generated daily through digital interactions, I work to wrangle this data and derive value from it.

I am currently a senior data engineer at Digitas.

Analytic Data Pipeline

Over the course of my career, I have gained a unique perspective as both a developer and a marketer in leveraging people, process, and technology.


With the rate at which technology changes, you can never stop learning new things. I take a proactive approach towards career growth and skill development that I write about in this blog. I’ve found it not only to be a nice way to document my work, but also a great way to share knowledge with others. I’ve also come across many useful resources and emerging ideas that I tweet about regularly.

Check out my resume for more details on my professional experiences.

Outside of work, I am a world traveler.

I also like to read.

And I’m an investor, gamer, and sports fan.