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AWS & Snowflake vs GCP

written by Stefano Solimito

When we talk about data, the number of technologies available on the market is overwhelming and staying up to date is a key challenge both for businesses and for engineers.

With this article, Stefano Solimito shares the joys and pains of the learning journey of building a new data platform using some of the most cutting edge technologies available — AWS (Amazon Web Services), Snowflake and Looker.

Through the viewpoint of a data engineer, Stefano offers an unbiased comparison between GCP and AWS offerings after experimenting with AWS and Snowflake. This article is divided into three main sections that cover the flow of the data in his company’s platform from ingestion to warehouse:

In each section, he describes (at a high level) what his team is building at Photobox and provides a design comparison from the GCP side.

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*Source: Medium

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