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Udemy- Complete JavaScript Course >> JavaScript language basics

Introduction to JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

The Role of JavaScript

Role of JavaScript

Variables and Data Types

Primitive JavaScript Data Types


JavaScript Operator Precedence

Boolean Logic and Switch Statements

Basic Boolean Logic

For these sections, my code lives on Github:    View GitHub Repo

  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. Getting Started with JavaScript
  3. Variables and Data Types
  4. Variable Mutation and Type Coercion
  5. Operators
  6. If / else Statements
  7. Boolean Logic and Switch Statements
  8. Coding Challenge 1
  9. Coding Challenge 1: Solution
  10. Functions
  11. Statements and Expressions
  12. Arrays
  13. Objects and Properties
  14. Objects and Methods
  15. Loops and Iteration
  16. Coding Challenge 2
  17. Coding Challenge 2: Solution

Important Note: ES5, ES6 / ES2015 and ES2016

JavaScript History

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