TL;DR – Data engineer, technical consultant, and business intelligence developer working to solve analytic challenges at the intersection of marketing and technology.

My career has been tied closely to the convergence of marketing and technology (martech) and the ever-increasing reliance on data at the heart of it all. With petabytes of data being generated at every turn through digital interactions, I work to wrangle this data and derive value from it.

My Background

I am currently a manager for Media Systems and Technology at DigitasLBi, where my team uses a variety of evolving technologies to build the systems and architectures behind business intelligence tools used extensively by global data science teams. Using both traditional RDBMS and newer open source software frameworks like Hadoop, we handle large volumes of structured and semi-structured data.

In centralizing disparate data streams, we help provide the structure necessary to enable crucial cross-platform analytics. Through the use of data science, our teams summarize the data story for each client in order to measure marketing campaign effectiveness, apply predictive modeling, and ultimately influence consumer brand affiliations and buying patterns.

Over the past 5+ years I have gained experience as both a developer and a marketer in leveraging people, process, and technology. I’ve held both client-facing and technical roles while addressing a wide range of business initiatives across industries such as finance, food services, higher education, retail, technology, and telecommunications. During this time I’ve worked with numerous high-profile companies including Bank of America, Fitbit, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sprint, and Taco Bell.

In supporting these organizations, my cross-functional roles have included data engineering, ETL scripting, database design, application development, operational reporting, database marketing, and marketing automation. I’ve helped clients translate large amounts of fragmented data into smarter optimization of marketing/advertising dollars through technical expertise combined with human marketing savviness and business acumen.

As a consultant/project manager, I strive to consistently provide quality ongoing services, on-time deliverables, and open communication around project estimates, status, and risks. I am results-oriented, well-organized, self-motivated, and I work to build strong relationships with my clients and team members.

With the rate at which technology changes, you can never stop learning new things. I take a proactive approach towards career growth and skill development through a dedicated effort towards continuing education that I write about in this blog. I’ve come across many great resources and industry trends that I also tweet about regularly.

Need help on a data project or have ideas you want to discuss further? Shoot me a note!